Splurge or Steal: Fall/Winter Boots

Every fall, I begin my quest to find the perfect winter boot. I'm very particular with the kind of boot I like (OTK or Thigh High with a 2-3.5" heel) so it often takes me forever to find one I like. And, by "forever" I mean that I've been searching for 4 years now and have yet to find a boot I admire that isn't over $800. Which is why I am still bootless. This year, I began my boot search again and, as is my custom, my eyes began to swoon for the luxury label offerings. But, one thing I began noticing was similarities between the high end labels and some mid-range labels. Check out these awesome fashion steals for all your fall/winter boot needs!

Fall Layers

Fall is officially here but I wanted one last romp with my favorite leather shorts before tucking them away. I love the colors of new season but I sure will miss those warm summer nights.