New Year's Eve 2013

I had ZERO plans for New Year's Eve. My Christmas travels took me to three states in eight days so I knew exhaustion would overcome me by the time New Year's Eve came around. I figured a quiet night at home and watching the ball drop on TV would be good enough. But then I got three invitations to various NYE festivities a couple and phone calls from friends who wanted to bring in the new year together. I ended up just quickly pulling a few pieces from my closet and going with that. Not you're typical sparkly NYE outfit but it was something fun (and different for me), nonetheless. Anyway, the night was one to remember. Great friends + House Party is always a fantastic mix.

Happy New Years to you all! May your 2014 be filled with much love, happiness, and peace. I hope this year drives you out of your comfort zone and you grow into a higher and better level of yourself. 
May we all be awesome!


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