BKc "Black Seminole" Varsity Jacket - The Brooklyn Circus

I first heard about The Brooklyn Circus back in 2008. A family member told me of a friend who had started a clothing line that was aimed at celebrating the classic cool of Brooklyn. Back then, it was mostly logo tees with elephants imprints. Over the years, I've watch the brand evolve to fully capture the classic aesthetic and have fallen in love with their charm. The pieces look and feel extremely timeless but always maintain a classic touch.
Since they began releasing their varsity jackets about 4-5 years ago, I have been obsessed. But, I always find out about the releases a bit too late and never can quite make a purchase on time. BKc has quite the following, you know. In December 2013, BKc dropped the Black Seminole Varsity Jacket and I was smitten.

Hand made from 100% Melton wool & naked cow hide, I love the fit trim and tailored look of this piece. As a Caribbean girl who has always been taught to treasure her Native ancestry, the headpiece patch on the right chest was such an awesome addition. I never got a varsity jacket in high school (my school colors were orange and green so the green wool and orange leather sleeves was something i could never fully commit to) so I was extremely ready to make this jacket a staple piece for my fall/winter wardrobe. But, as is the custom of many of the things I have wanted to purchase as of late, it was sold out by the time I found it. 

Seems like I am a day late and a dollar short, again. Perhaps I can find a site and custom create some level of cool for my closet. Or, just maybe, BKc will re-release. Let's keep our fingers crossed.


Style Muse: Nini Nyguen

Nini Nyguen, of fashion blog Nini's Style, is a fashion stylist and consultant hailing from Dallas, TX. With over thirteen years of experience built from iconic brands such as Banana Republic, Neiman Marcus, Oscar de la Renta, and Barney's, this petite style maverick not only has a distinct sense of style but her eye for design is pretty impeccable as well.

Mad About PLAID

The last couple of weeks ...or maybe months... has left the biggest taste of plaid on my mouth. My free moments are spent oogling plaid pieces from Fly JaneASOSFree PeopleUrban Outfitters all while becoming obsessed with men in tartan suits (and this look too). So I decided to get on Polyvore and whip up a couple of looks that work well into the rise in tartan over the past few months.

I'm pretty much obsessed with this leather peplum top. I figured pairing it with a tapered silk trousers from Shop Nouvelles would be a great softening juxtaposition to the rugged nature of the leather. Plaid loafers to accent and create a play on mixed print. I think this would be an awesome look for a casual day date or brunch with friends.

Polka & Plaid

You know what I love? Mixing Prints. You know what I love even more? Mixing Bold Prints. The polka dots and the architectural design of the shoes attracted me so much. While this could be paired with a black pencil skirt for a bold minimalistic look, I liked the idea of the plaid skirt to bring in a bit of fun. The glitter frames top off the look by adding a bit of magic.

Minty Fresh

After obsessing over Solange's lace Wes Gordon dress, I scowered the internets in hopes of finding something similar and more budget friendly. And that's when I ran across this beauty:

Isn't this mint green two piece awesome? The peek-a-boo floral lace silhouette feels flirty and fun while the shade is perfect for spring and summer. I see this on me and all I can think off is roof-top fun, day concerts, and house parties. I found this gem at Atlanta-based Celebrity Stylist Olari Swank's e-boutique called SWANK blue. And, unfortunately it is sold out. And, unfortunately-er, they won't be re-stocking. And, unfortunately-est my rooftop/day concerts/house party dreams are deferred to yet another day.

Here's to hoping it pops up at another shop soon or I can find another awesome peek-a-boo piece. Karmaloop and FlyJane, I'm talking to you.