Mad About PLAID

The last couple of weeks ...or maybe months... has left the biggest taste of plaid on my mouth. My free moments are spent oogling plaid pieces from Fly JaneASOSFree PeopleUrban Outfitters all while becoming obsessed with men in tartan suits (and this look too). So I decided to get on Polyvore and whip up a couple of looks that work well into the rise in tartan over the past few months.

I'm pretty much obsessed with this leather peplum top. I figured pairing it with a tapered silk trousers from Shop Nouvelles would be a great softening juxtaposition to the rugged nature of the leather. Plaid loafers to accent and create a play on mixed print. I think this would be an awesome look for a casual day date or brunch with friends.

Polka & Plaid

You know what I love? Mixing Prints. You know what I love even more? Mixing Bold Prints. The polka dots and the architectural design of the shoes attracted me so much. While this could be paired with a black pencil skirt for a bold minimalistic look, I liked the idea of the plaid skirt to bring in a bit of fun. The glitter frames top off the look by adding a bit of magic.

The fact that this Prabal Gurung Plaid Peplum Top exists is proof enough that my God is a good God. I am LITERALLY obsessed with that plaid tulle overlay bodice and shimmering black satin trim. I think the leather baggy legged skinny is the perfectly complimentary piece. The mint Wang Rocco Bag and Floral Steven Madden Marlenee heels were a hail mary that I'm still iffy about but, for some reason, I really love the feel of them.

Casual Cool

This last look is a more casual look that was inspired by the Braxton Family Values. I love their "Sister Time" of lunches, spa dates, bike rides, and other random activities that they pursue all in the name of quality time and bonding. A chic but casual look to wear while hanging with the girls (or running serious errands on Rodeo Drive ;-).

Years of private schooling made me shy away from tartan and plaid prints post-third grade but I see a love affair brewing again. I still don't know if I want to get a classic pencil skirt or go all retro with a pleated midi skirt but I know I will make my commitment official soon enough. Are any of you loving plaid prints? Planning on adding them to your closet? How do you wear them?


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