Style Muse: Nini Nyguen

Nini Nyguen, of fashion blog Nini's Style, is a fashion stylist and consultant hailing from Dallas, TX. With over thirteen years of experience built from iconic brands such as Banana Republic, Neiman Marcus, Oscar de la Renta, and Barney's, this petite style maverick not only has a distinct sense of style but her eye for design is pretty impeccable as well.

While most petite women are often warned against wearing longer lengths (for fear of making one look shorter) or baggy clothes (for fearing of overwhelming the smaller stature), Nini consistently throws those suggestions our the window. I love her for being unafraid to play with proportions. She has a knack for making oversized items still feel cozy and correct. Rules Schmules.

I constantly use her as a source of inspiration for the petite women in my life who are afraid to step out their comfort zone. Wear the oversided shirt! Don't be afraid of the baggy shorts! Its okay if your skirt falls past your knee! You can still acheive a perfectly tailored look while still allowing yourself to play with shape and size, as Nini continues to expertly show.

To keep up with  more of Nini's awesome style,check out her blog and be sure to follow her on Instagram!