Matte Nails

I've been obsessed with matte nails for about a year now. I always see them when scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard and knew I needed them in my life - although I have not worn acrylic nails in almost a decade. I went to my nail shop two weeks ago excited for matte gray nails only to find out that my shop didn't carry any matte top coat. So, when I get to get my fills yesterday, I made it a point to bring my own matte polish. I hit up a local CVS and found Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat (retail: $5.99-$6.29) and Wet 'n' Wild Shine Matte Top Coat (retail: $0.99). Although I love Sally Hanson products and my gut often equates more expensive to better, I decided to compare to the to see if there really was a difference between price and value.
Wet 'n' Wild Shine Matte Top Coat (on thumb) and Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat (on pointer)
I think the Wet 'n' Wild Top Coat is pretty amazing. It mattified my nail perfectly. The Sally Hansen top coat didn't really mattify my nail color and it actually stripped the polish off my acrylic. That isn't a glare on the picture of my pointer; that is just good old white acrylic! I didn't even know top coat could do that. Needless to stay, I paid my $1.05 and walked out of CVS with the Wet 'n' Wild matte.

In order to celebrate today being the first day of Spring, I used OPI 'Ate Berries in the Canaries' for my nail color. When mattified, it reminds me of MAC Flat Out Fabulous (which I totally want to buy now). I absolutely adore the leather-y look of matte nails. I'm trying not to commit to wearing this shade all spring and summer but... don't be surprised if it becomes a thing, ok? 

Happy first day of Spring!


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  1. LOVE!!! This color and matte texture are everything!