No Bare Lips 30

Ordered my tee during the first #NBL30 Teespring Campaign and it arrived in the mail earlier this week. I played around with a few pieces and snapped a couple pics on my balcony. I was pleasantly surprised by the fit. A fitted v-neck will always get more wear in my closet than a unisex tee (sorry not sorry!). Since the tees became so popular, a second campaign was recently launched. Get your own #NoBareLips30 apparel (available scoop neck, v-neck, tank, and hoodie) here before the campaign ends on May 4th. 

For those who don't know, #NoBareLips30 was a lipstick challenge created last fall by Keiko Kaveri. A beauty aficionado, KK wanted to prove that it was possible to wear lipstick every day by just playing with the items in her beauty box. The challenge evolved into a safe place where brown girls, a group of women notoriously told they shouldn't wear color, could exchange beauty tips, experiment with lip colors, and empower each other. By the end of the month, there were over 1000 pics of brown girls proudly displaying their lippies!! 

To read more about this awesome and enchanting lipstick challenge, check out this blog post by KK! 

#NoBareLips30 is back for the Spring, with the challenge beginning on April 28, 2014. Check out the calender here.


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  1. You look great, and I love love love the shoes/boots you're wearing with the jeans!