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Styling: Co-Ord Sets

Short suits and coordinated sets have been all the range for the past year. What started off as just an incorporation of masculine European tailored suits into womenswear has blossomed into more sleek and classic feminine looks, including a more use of bold prints and classic feminine silhouettes. Crops, culottes, circle skirts, and much more have gotten the look. I, personally, love the coordinated sets trend and all the flexibility in can bring to one's wardrobe. Check out these style sets and let me know what you think! Organza Co-Ord
I love this classic feminine look to a coordinated set. Strappy black heels and subtle gold accents really allow the focus of the look to be on the beautiful organza checkered set. It looks like a dress when worn together but as soon as the fabric starts to move, you see a hint of skin at the waist for a very understated note of sexiness. Wear the top with distressed boyfriend cut off shorts and nude heels to add an edgy feel to the organza. A clas…

Epirus - World Cup

This past Saturday I saw my first soccer game. Well, I paid attention to my first soccer game. And not really the full game because I have no clue who was playing.

Ok. Let's start this over.

I happened to catch a couple minutes of this soccer game that was on late last Saturday night. I'm not sure who played but one team scored 2 goals in a span of what felt like 30 seconds. And the crowd was going INSANE. The energy from the first goal is what gravitated me to the television to begin with. And before I could fully get an explanation for what had occurred.... *swoosh*... the soccer ball was in the net again. It was all so pretty impressive.

And I felt so left out because my aunt, cousins, and brother were all excited about what had transpired and I was just looking at the television screen confused. Oh, Basketball and Football Knowledge, how you have failed me again... *shakes fist angrily*

So, I've decided to become a futbol fan. And, since I'm Haitian, I've deci…

All Black Like The Omen

I know black isn't typical summer apparel but this dress is one of my favorites. It's light and flowy and the bold gold zipper down the middle is a fun accent. Worn with my black perspex clutch to create a simple, easy look.

Dress: H&M (similar here and here) Sandals: Steve Madden(on sale here) Clutch: Mango (last seen here)
xo, Jana-Lynn

Peplum Hem

I bought this skirt several months ago in preparation for Spring and I was super excited to finally be able to wear it this weekend. Didn't get to creative with the styling; I wore it exactly like the model did on the website. Also, these boyfriend t-shirts are some of the comfiest pieces I have bought in a while.

50 Shades of Brown

Decided to stick with a monochromatic look today by delving into sea of creams, tans, and browns while playing with gold accents. There is subtle mixing of prints between the chevron patterns of my skirt, plaid on my blouse, and leopard belt. Who said monochrome had to be boring?