Epirus - World Cup

This past Saturday I saw my first soccer game. Well, I paid attention to my first soccer game. And not really the full game because I have no clue who was playing.

Ok. Let's start this over.

I happened to catch a couple minutes of this soccer game that was on late last Saturday night. I'm not sure who played but one team scored 2 goals in a span of what felt like 30 seconds. And the crowd was going INSANE. The energy from the first goal is what gravitated me to the television to begin with. And before I could fully get an explanation for what had occurred.... *swoosh*... the soccer ball was in the net again. It was all so pretty impressive.

And I felt so left out because my aunt, cousins, and brother were all excited about what had transpired and I was just looking at the television screen confused. Oh, Basketball and Football Knowledge, how you have failed me again... *shakes fist angrily*

So, I've decided to become a futbol fan. And, since I'm Haitian, I've decided that BRASIL will be my national team. Why Brasil? Because that's who the Haitians love and have loved for over half a century (Argentina is a strong second in the country, though). I asked around and tried to do a little research on the connection between the two countries to explain the fandimodium. Most articles suggest the connection stems from the love of PelĂ©, arguably the world's best footballer, who has dark skin like us and the fact that the country has similar socioeconomic standing as the island. Haitians see themselves when they see the Brazilians play and that's all it took for the love affair to begin. The Haitians I spoke to directly said they cheer for Brasil because that's just how it is. Our national team hasn't been to the World Cup since 1974 so... it is understandable.

Picking a national team was easy. But a club team? Man, oh man. I know its an international sport but I didn't think it would be this complicated. I don't even know where to begin! Every country seems to have its own league with its own set of teams. From what I have gathered thus far, the five top European leagues – the Bundesliga (Germany), Premier League (England),[77] La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy), and Ligue 1 (France) – attract most of the world's best players and each of the leagues has a total wage cost in excess of $1.185 billion. Which reminds me -- *scribbles 'put children in soccer' under Life List*

Once I figure out when I can watch soccer games, I think I will watch a few matches to get into the sport. It was suggested to me that Paris Saint-Germain (cause French connection), Liverpool (cause LeBron owns a stake and I'm a Heat fan), and Manchester United (management style is similar to Belicheck and Riley -and the Patriots & Heat are my team) were clubs I should take into consideration. So I'll probably be looking into their games a bit heavier. David Beckham is bringing a team to Miami so hopefully I will be more knowledgeable about the game and can chose my MLS alliance then. Prayerfully, Thierry Henry comes down to Florida so this can be a swift decision :)

This feels so convoluted but I'm up for the challenge. In the meantime, I'm preparing my proper "FORCA BRASIL!!!" for use. I even copped the ASICS Gel Epirus - World Cup to show my allegiance. This gal is committed!


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