Thrifted Pleats

I should have taken a close up shot of my face. I have, literally, been searching for Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Shameless for MONTHS. Every Walgreens, CVS, and Target I went to was sold out of the bold purple shade. I, honestly, began to think that perhaps it was a seasonal color that I missed out on purchasing until I saw a commercial for it on television last week. Went to a random CVS to fill a prescription yesterday and... VOILA! I took the last Shameless lip pencil on the shelf. So, thanks, root canal for making this moment possible.

In other news, I bought this skirt almost 3 years ago from a local thrift store. Got it dry cleaned and its been in that same dry clean bag ever since. I completely forgot I owned it (which is a common thing to happen among shopaholics - we get easily distracted by every "shiny new penny"). Ironically, I've been in search of the perfect pleated wrap skirt for months now. To think the very item I wanted was already in my closet.

I gotta do better.

Shirt || Forever21
Skirt || Pendleton (thrift)
Shoes || Charlotte Russe
Clutch || Nine West (thrift)


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