Waxed Florals

ankle length pants make me feel extremely self-conscious. i always feel as if they make my hips look wider and legs shorter thus making me feel stump-y. that being said, i'm strangely in love with these waxed pants from Zara. i love the muted gray tones, gold zipper details, and how they fit my shape just perfectly. i only wear them with heels because i have to get my leg length from somewhere. paired with a floral sleeveless blouse from H&M, minimal two-tone heels from Forever21, and my favorite taupe thrifted clutch.

i asked on Instagram if the looks I showcase are actual wearable work pieces. i'm fortunate enough to work in a youth-filled office surrounded by individuals with a pretty sick sense of personal style. we're afforded and encouraged to branch out of the "typical" office look (unless, of course, there is a some sort of conference/meeting being held with outside participants). So this look was Wednesday's office look. I threw on a black cardigan over my shoulders when it got a bit chilly in the office but... that's really about it. Yay for liberal work spaces!


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