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powder blue



creams, browns, and other muted neutrals are still my thing. i love how complimentary they are to my complexion. i love how navy helps to create a harmonious & warm palette.

football allegiance

I really hate when people attempt to question my selection in football fandom. I also don't know why people feel as thought I owe them an explanation as to  why a New York-born, Florida-raised girl cheers for the New England Patriots. Does the Baltimore Boy who is a Cowboys fan get questioned? The New York fella who is a Packers fan constantly explain himself?  Why is the DC-born and bred guy who cheers for the 49ers questioning me? 
Everyone just leave me alone. Just know I'm loyal and cute. :)

don't waste your pretty

i really think plaids + florals should be the new frontier of mixed prints.  we don't celebrate the magnificence of this combo enough.

a pop of leopard

wish i could make these ginormous sun glare go away but... alas... here we are.
also, i love these leopard loafers. the design is a bit bold for me and i adore the slight masculinity.
i'm trying to find more ways to make this work outside of the traditional trouser.

a jumper'd gal


plaid + plaid (is this plaid?)


why don't the men i date ever truly love me?

i really don't have anything poignant to say but i do think its important that all women read this submission (and answer) the the 'Ask Polly' advice column from NYMag's The Cut. as a woman who has made her share of poor ass decisions when it comes to dating, i know i needed to read this. to absorb this. to become one with this. i'm not sure where i picked up the habit of shrinking myself to fit into the context of what others need of me but.... that has done nothing to benefit me over the years. it hasn't brought me love or happiness or peace and yet, for some reason, i catch myself falling into that disgusting pattern more often than not. *sigh* but... this isn't about me. today's blog post is about us. because i know i'm not the only one who looks back at the past with a general air of "what in the entire fuck, man?". 
we have to learn to constantly remind ourselves that everything we are is enough. our feelings... our passions... out la…