The Perfect Brown Girl Nude: Jeffrey Campbell 'Burke' Sandals

So, I'm pretty much obsessed with the Jeffrey Campbell 'Burke' sandal. 

I have been scouring the internet for yeaaaaaaaaaaaars looking for the perfect brown girl minimalistic nude sandal.
The Heavens finally saw fit for this shoe to come into existence just in time 

The 4.25" heel (and 0.75" platform) essentially means you're walking on 3.5" of heel height.
With Jeffrey Campbell already being known for their extremely cushioned soles, 
this shoe is probably one of the more comfortable minimal sandals you'll find in this price range.

Meaning, I will wear this shoe down to the white meat.

Also, I'm trying the whole  "pantyhose free leg" thing this winter so the timing is impeccable.
Becauses if Kim Kardashian can do tights-free winters, why can't I?

Right now, Nordstrom is the only retailer that seems to be selling this dark brown suede color. 
Maybe a few more will get on board soon. 

Because this show is such a necessary staple piece to for every brown girl's wardrobe.


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