the blue experiment [2]

I figured I'd share some of the behind-the-scenes of how I achieved my blue look, for those who are interested in taking the plunge and experimenting with colored hair. This was my first time delving into coloring hair and I found the process extremely simple and easily repeatably - mainly because I bought hair that was already bleached.

oakwood university alumni 2k15

ventured down to alabama last weekend for the homecoming festivities at my undergrad alma mater. it was great seeing old friends and see how much the city has changed. i love how my hair seemed to be giving everyone who saw it an optical illusion.

*looks at jane quizzically* "is your hair blue or....?"

its blue. navy blue with a splash of indigo blue. i love it.

Wardrobe Essentials: An Update

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post entitled 'A Woman's Wardrobe Essentials'. The post included a list of 37 things every gal needed in order to maximize her closet's potential. At the time, my closet was in need of a serious makeover. I had too many expendable, trendy pieces and was not properly spending my hard earned dollars on quality pieces. That list definitely helped me to shuck some pieces and helped me become a wiser and more meaningful shopper.

Since then, I've aimed to tone down my closet even more as I try to become more minimal in my aesthetic. I found this Wardrobe Essentials graphic a few days ago and decided to adapt it to my closet. I marked it up to see what I have, am planning on purchasing, and what I know I can do without. 

the blue hair experiment [1]

I've been lusting for blue hair for quite some time now. I ran across this picture of a beautiful brown girl with dark blue hair and immediately knew this was the next move for me. This was a HUGE thing for me because I have been the queen of jet black hair for years. In addition, working in Corporate America doesn't lend itself over too well to colored hair unless you stick to the customary blondes, browns, and reds. I ran across another divine brown girl in blue hair and found a Malibu Dollface vlog which mesmerized me so ...after much thought, I settled on "why not?". I don't have kids or a spouse. My parents are the only ones whose opinions I truly consider about but I'm positive they won't mind - I've done crazier things. lol. I think blue would look positively radiant on my complexion. So...