the blue hair experiment [1]

I've been lusting for blue hair for quite some time now. I ran across this picture of a beautiful brown girl with dark blue hair and immediately knew this was the next move for me. This was a HUGE thing for me because I have been the queen of jet black hair for years. In addition, working in Corporate America doesn't lend itself over too well to colored hair unless you stick to the customary blondes, browns, and reds. I ran across another divine brown girl in blue hair and found a Malibu Dollface vlog which mesmerized me so ...after much thought, I settled on "why not?". I don't have kids or a spouse. My parents are the only ones whose opinions I truly consider about but I'm positive they won't mind - I've done crazier things. lol. I think blue would look positively radiant on my complexion. So...

I have in a closure and three bundles all from AliExpress. That site is very hit or miss but with the retail price of platinum blonde hair starting at $155 (with closures at $200) at most hair shops, AliExpress was an option I was willing to explore. The closure is from Carina, Ltd. I love the low density of it because I believe it makes the hair look more believable. The bundles are from Landot Hair Products, Co and, while it took the color extremely well, I'm have a bit of issues with it. I don't know if the issues are due to hair quality or because of the bleaching but once I figure it out, I will share!