Wardrobe Essentials: An Update

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post entitled 'A Woman's Wardrobe Essentials'. The post included a list of 37 things every gal needed in order to maximize her closet's potential. At the time, my closet was in need of a serious makeover. I had too many expendable, trendy pieces and was not properly spending my hard earned dollars on quality pieces. That list definitely helped me to shuck some pieces and helped me become a wiser and more meaningful shopper.

Since then, I've aimed to tone down my closet even more as I try to become more minimal in my aesthetic. I found this Wardrobe Essentials graphic a few days ago and decided to adapt it to my closet. I marked it up to see what I have, am planning on purchasing, and what I know I can do without. 

  • First think I noticed was the striking white and silver pieces. I've always seem to muddy up white pieces and have learned to make gray my default "white" piece (I sometimes, but very rarely, dabble in cream). So the cream sweater and tee in the infographic are really the gray sweaters and tees that I live in.
  • I am not a fan of Chuck Taylors. But I am a sneaker aficionado so I have more than enough Jordans, Asics, and Vans to cover that category. 
  • No beanies for me but I have ample fitted hats.
  • No satchel but I have a Dooney & Bourke mini bag that does the job quite well. I wear it almost every day.
  • I don't really care much for necklaces. I have a few statement pieces that I may wear to more formal events but my nameplate is all I need on a regular basis.
  • I'm on the fence about the brogues. I don't think they really fit my aesthetic. I've owned a few pairs over the years but never really got into them. I love the Stella McCartney Britts but I don't want to waste money. We'll see how I feel about it in 2-3 months.
Things I Got Covered:
  • Gap Denim Jacket (thrifted)
  • I have two black blazers (regular tailored and boyfried tailored) but they don't get much wear. I tend to wear cardigans as opposed to blazers whenever the outfit calls for them. I don't think I have a good substitute but I keep them in my closet because I assume they will be useful one day.
  • I have 5 coats - olive parka, olive wool, tan wool, black wool, navy wool. I am a-ok in that department.
  • I have tons of camis, tees, and cardigans.
  • I have 4-5 LBDs. They're all about midi length. Long sleeve with low back, short-sleeve bardot top, spaghetti strap, and a-line. I'm set!
  • Heels
  • Watch
  • Trousers
  • Moto boots aren't my thing. I just got nude chelsea boots from Old Navy. I can't seem to find them online but they may be available at your local store. They're so comfortable and I know they'll take me far. Best $30 I ever spent.
  • I've been searching for a good leather jacket for years. I don't really like the boxy cut of most of the ones in retail. I have an ass and want to have something that will go past the small of my back (because butt crack). River Island released a peplum leather jacket a few years ago and I wacked out and didn't get it. I have nightmares about that jacket to this day. I'm thinking about the Boda Skins Duchess or Kay Michael's Biker Jacket - even though what I really want is to find the River Island jacket on ebay or poshmark.
  • I need new denim because I recently outgrew the ones I own. I'm starting to hit up the gym though so... perhaps those purchases won't be made.
  • I lost my favorite and best cream blouse to a horrible cleaner last year. I'm, honestly, still not over it. I'm hoping to find something comparable within the next few months. I think something will show up at The Loft.
  • Louis Vuitton Alma PM Damier Damier Ebène - a classically chic everyday bag. I initially wanted the Alma BB but it seemed a bit too small for the longevity I envisioned. I may cop at the end of the summer but, if not, it shall be my birthday gift to myself at the end of the year :)

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