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Zanele Muholi: Isibonelo/Evidence

The Zanele Muholi exhibit at the Brooklyn Musuem looked at the life of transgender women living in South Africa. The artist presented pictures and videos of weddings juxtaposed by portraits and written words of those who had been raped, assaulted, and killed because of their sexuality. It was very difficult for me - to see that this world is still so violent and dangerous for women. It was extremely powerful and caused me to cry for a while. Its a definite must see if you make it up to The Brooklyn Museum.

The Brooklyn Musuem

Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic


Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks


Eats in DC

I had brunch at Tap &Parlour this past weekend and had their croissant french toast with a side of turkey sausage links and scrambled eggs. Best. Decision. Ever. Because... seriously... FRENCH TOAST CROISSANTS?!?! Mind blown. Also, how splendid was the waitress who filled our glasses and water cups with mimosas right before brunch ended? That's some good service! It was a great time filled with genuine fun and laughter. Thanks to HoSitDown for organizing such a dope event! The next one will be held on May 17th - hit him up if you want in on the shenanigans :)

I went to Lost Society to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I've never thought to sample the menu there but some friends ordered meals and I just had to give them a try. Since we was there during happy hour, menu prices were 50% off (happy hour is from 4:00pm to 7:30pm). I was pleasantly surprised by how good the braised lamb sliders and mac&cheese (pictured below) were! The fish tacos were equally divine. Tess, the barte…

Glo' Up

Sha The Stylist saved my life. While I was sad to let the blue go, I knew I didn't want to go back to my usually black hair just quite yet. And, so, that is why he have this contraption here. Red hair with blonde, orange, and blue-green highlights. It's like a warm rainbow explosion and I adore it :)
xo, jana-lynn

the blue hair experiment [3]

y'all this hair is so trash. i, quite literally, want to cry every day. i am at my wit's end.