the blue hair experiment [3]

y'all this hair is so trash. i, quite literally, want to cry every day. i am at my wit's end.

The hair tangles horribly.
I'm actually quite embarrassed by just how severely the hair gets matted. I feel like an idiot with it in my hair.
The 16", colored a lighter blue, doesn't even hold a curl at all.
I actually think the 16" is the source of all my woes with this hair. The darker colored bundles seemed decent.
Even still, I can't even run my fingers through the hair. The are strands of blue hair all over my home and office.
It is truly a hot mess.
Also, there are sooooo many gray hairs in the bundle.
If I had left the hair blonde, I would have never noticed. Deceptive, right?
I contact the shop several times. We've been having an ongoing discussion for the past 2-3 weeks.
They keep telling me I just need to deep condition and moisturize the hair and it'll be fine.
Do I look like an idiot?
I've been wearing the hair in two cornrows for the past two weeks. Just trying to bid my time with this hair since I paid so much for the install. I'm disappointed that I couldn't get the full blue flourish experience that I wanted.
I definitely should have just bought a 20" dark roots platinum blonde wig from Princess Hair Shop and dyed it blue. I've heard (and watched via YouYube) rave reviews about the blonde hair from that company. I'll keep them in mind if I decide to try this color again...


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