Trap Symphony


People have been talking about Migos for two years. I had heard people talking about this 'Hannah Montana' song and, after listening, decided I was not interested in whatever a Migos was and what it was trying to offer. 

But then, much to my surprise, some of my hipster family members started raving about them. So then I decided that maybe I should give them another shot since the Yuna, Tha Internetz, SZA, and Quadron loving crew appreciated their music. Cause I was supposed to be the trap music loving one in the family, ya know. I learned that Migos was a group of 3 men and that the name was short for "The Three Amigos". I really appreciate that quiet creativity. Folks insisted that I listen to two tracks called Fight Night and Chinatown so I gave it a whirl.

It completely changed my life. 

I love Migos now. Takeoff and Quavo are my favorites. I hate that it took me so long to get on. The trap beats and their flow over the records are amazing. I love their lyricism. We must protect this brown boy magic!

Today I found out they have a Trap Symphony EP. I love orchestral arrangements and trap music so this really is the best thing to happen to me in the month of July.

I wish they would have done a symphonic version of Chinatown. I would have cried.
You can listen to their full Trap Symphony EP here.

Brown Girls in the City

I finally got my hands on MAC Stone! I first saw the color on Angela Simmons and new I needed the taupish-brown color in my collection. I didn't know how the color would look on my complexion and was a bit hesitant but.. I'm glad I bit the bullet! It is the perfect nude color for my brown skin and I am obsessed. I'm ordering 2-3 more ASAP.

Spent Saturday in the sun socializing with beautiful black people this past Saturday at Sundresses&Whiskey. A bunch of 20- and 30-somethings enjoying love, laughter, and good conversation on a warm summer day is always an amazing time. It was filled with great vibes and I met some awesome DC people. I never remember to take pictures while out but my sister snapped a couple with she, me, and ma cousine.

The next installment of Sundresses & Whiskey will be on Monday, September 7th. Follow Tommie Collins and Jameel Hassan on twitter for updates!


Emily King x The Shadowboxers

Last night was so awesome.

I first discovered Emily King when she opened up for an Emeli Sande show in DC a few years ago. I'm not much for opening acts but something about her voice was so soothing and she played the guitar so well. I listened to her EP, The Seven, on my car ride home and instantaneously fell in love. Her music is everything.

Needless to say, I was pretty stoked when she dropped a full length album, The Switch, a few weeks ago and went on tour to support the album. I bought my tickets so quickly.

She had two opening acts - The Shadowboxers and Redline Graffitti. Redline Graffiti was indie rock and not quite my steez. Now.. Shadowboxers? THE SHADOWBOXERS?! The changed my life. This soul pop band from Atlanta is everything I didn't know I needed. I was grooving to their earlier tracks but this rendition of D'Angelo sealed the deal for me.

The Shadowboxers - Untitled (How Does It Feel) [D'ANGELO COVER]

Emily hit the stage and.... I really just wanted to record the entire show. Her band is amazing. Her background vocalist is amazing. She is such a sweet soul with a vibrant smile to match her captivating voice. There was so much high energy and we had so much fun in there. It was perfect.

Emily King - Distance

Emily King - Georgia

Emily King - Down

Emily King - Every Part

Emily King - Radio
So, I'm just going to re-watch these videos all day and pretend as if I'm still at U Street Music Hall reliving this magical night again and again.

Summer Soirée

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to attend the UrbanDaddy Summer Soirée, hosted by Grey Goose. Held at the beautiful Poste Moderne Brasserie, the courtyard was transformed into a tent draped with lights, a live band, gigantic chess board and jenga, and free flowing exclusive cocktails.

Photobooths and Videobooths were on hand and you know I can't leave those untouched. Check out my snaps below. You can access the full gallery here

After a delightful game of chess with some new friends, I went inside to grab a bite to eat and ended up having the best lamb burger of my life. Nestled in between two slices of pita bread, the roasted tomato,‏ frisée, falafel (the best i have ever had to be honest. it was made of chickpea, cilantro, cumin, coriander), pickled red onion, and lamb. Chef Kyoo isn't playing fair with his creations. I can't wait to come back and further delve into the menu.

It was a pretty awesome Bastille Day! Thank you UrbanDaddy, Grey Goose, and Poste Moderne Brassiere for such a lovely event!