24. Get a tattoo [30 Before 30]

I know I've always wanted a tattoo; I just couldn't decide where it would go or what it should be. I've come up with a few ideas over the years but none really excited me and I kept them on the back burner. After stumbling across this thigh tattoo (below) on Tumblr a few years back, I knew that the location had to be on my thigh. My legs have always been my favorite part of my body and a beautiful tattoo just seemed to be the perfect way to highlight them.

Which, obviously, led me to begin researching thigh tattoos. I quickly realized I loved the colorless flower motif commonly found in the thigh art world and soon amassed a ridiculously large collection of portraits as I began brainstorming what I wanted to obtain.

And so I have begun working on my piece. This one is my second (the first is a the word "love" in Arabic which I got done mainly to test my pain tolerance) and my crowning masterpiece. What I've found most difficult is finding a good tattoo artist to work collaboratively with to bring my idea into fruition. The one I used in DC was a bit lackluster so I may have to branch out to an NYC artist. The first attempt is decent but I want one open-faced flowers, a bit more leaves and other smaller accents, and more dark, contrasting tones. I want something a bit more amorphous that is reminiscent of ...sprouting. But, I'm trying to be mindful of just how far down it goes because I need to be able to go to church without alarming the saints.

The goal is to have it completed by October. Stay tuned for updates!

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