Emily King x The Shadowboxers

Last night was so awesome.

I first discovered Emily King when she opened up for an Emeli Sande show in DC a few years ago. I'm not much for opening acts but something about her voice was so soothing and she played the guitar so well. I listened to her EP, The Seven, on my car ride home and instantaneously fell in love. Her music is everything.

Needless to say, I was pretty stoked when she dropped a full length album, The Switch, a few weeks ago and went on tour to support the album. I bought my tickets so quickly.

She had two opening acts - The Shadowboxers and Redline Graffitti. Redline Graffiti was indie rock and not quite my steez. Now.. Shadowboxers? THE SHADOWBOXERS?! The changed my life. This soul pop band from Atlanta is everything I didn't know I needed. I was grooving to their earlier tracks but this rendition of D'Angelo sealed the deal for me.

The Shadowboxers - Untitled (How Does It Feel) [D'ANGELO COVER]

Emily hit the stage and.... I really just wanted to record the entire show. Her band is amazing. Her background vocalist is amazing. She is such a sweet soul with a vibrant smile to match her captivating voice. There was so much high energy and we had so much fun in there. It was perfect.

Emily King - Distance

Emily King - Georgia

Emily King - Down

Emily King - Every Part

Emily King - Radio
So, I'm just going to re-watch these videos all day and pretend as if I'm still at U Street Music Hall reliving this magical night again and again.

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