Trap Symphony


People have been talking about Migos for two years. I had heard people talking about this 'Hannah Montana' song and, after listening, decided I was not interested in whatever a Migos was and what it was trying to offer. 

But then, much to my surprise, some of my hipster family members started raving about them. So then I decided that maybe I should give them another shot since the Yuna, Tha Internetz, SZA, and Quadron loving crew appreciated their music. Cause I was supposed to be the trap music loving one in the family, ya know. I learned that Migos was a group of 3 men and that the name was short for "The Three Amigos". I really appreciate that quiet creativity. Folks insisted that I listen to two tracks called Fight Night and Chinatown so I gave it a whirl.

It completely changed my life. 

I love Migos now. Takeoff and Quavo are my favorites. I hate that it took me so long to get on. The trap beats and their flow over the records are amazing. I love their lyricism. We must protect this brown boy magic!

Today I found out they have a Trap Symphony EP. I love orchestral arrangements and trap music so this really is the best thing to happen to me in the month of July.

I wish they would have done a symphonic version of Chinatown. I would have cried.
You can listen to their full Trap Symphony EP here.

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