visuals || BIG SEAN

i've never been much of a big sean fan. not that i hate him but i am more familiar with his guest verses (which i adore) than his actual albums. i chance listen to "all your fault" and "blessing" a few months ago led me to exploring his latest project and... i gotta say... this is a super awesome thing.

in addition, i love his commitment to bringing back music videos. i remember a time when music videos where the most exciting part of a new song release. these days, artists don't seem as inspired to drop visuals to their songs. if they do, its more to help re-surge a song that may have dropped several months after a release (i.e. Rihanna's BBHMM). it seems like he is dropping a new one every week for tracks on the album and i really am starting to enjoy the project more for it. check out a few of my favorite visuals below.



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