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Family Fun Day

This past Sunday I went to my first amusement park in... gosh, probably over a decade. After passing King's Dominion on our way back from Atlanta this past July 4th Weekend, we decided to make a family trip of it sometime before the summer ended. Located about 2 hours south of the DC area, my siblings, few cousins, and I hopped in a van for a family fun day.

Anyone who knows me knows I am completed terrified of roller coasters. I go to theme parks for the water rides, funnel cakes, and smoked turkey legs. Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately, based on who you ask), I come from a family of thrill seekers who insisted I go on every roller coaster every time I attempted to just be a purse holder on the side of the road. So I ended up on SEVEN of those thrill rides - Berserker, The Crypt, Flight of Fear, Intimidator 305, Rebel Yell, Volcano, and the Dominator (I did that one twice) - and not a naan water ride. And, yes, I kept my eyes closed in fear for the majority of the time. I…