Fall Inspiration Straight from the Streets of Fashion Week

Shiona Turini is one of the few brown faces working in fashion and everything she does is spectacular. I'm obsessed with wide leg trousers because I'm convinced they're one of the universally flattering pieces that EVERY woman should own. It's instantaneous way to make any item chic. I love how she paired in with a crop and a blazer. This season, I'm going to see just how much I can get away with incorporating cropped pieces into the color months. I'm guessing a good coat is key, as soon as you get past all the judgmental glares.

I'm still a sucker for a monochrome look and no one seems to do it better than Christine Cetenera (before you bring up Kim Kardashian's more recent foreray into minimalism and monochromatic looks, understand that Christine - friend to Kanye and frequent DONDA collaborator - introduced her to the idea and helped her orchestrate her look). I love this mix of olive, military, and true green in her outfit and how her nude booties accentuate the look perfectly. While I've been known to be the girl who loves mixing and matching vibrant colors in my adult years, I've slowly began to be more intrigued by the neutrals that I adored (and stubbornly only wore) in my childhood and teenage years. Maybe I'll add a splash of green in during the color months. Thanks, Chrissy C!

Mixed prints was all the range 2-3 years ago but the trend has slowly (and gratefully) died down a bit; it was becoming a too overwhelming. The nostalgia brought about by this mixed print reminds me of the good times before ankara prints were introduced to the mainstream and everyone went crazy with the idea mixing prints. I love the how classic navy and white scheme is perfectly executed in stars, stripes, and spots. Not sure if it is something I would do but I'm definitely loving the look.

I tear up a bit every time I see these Dior FW15 patent calfskin boots (and its sister, the Dior calfskin booties). Why are they so good? I've never been a fan of patent but something about the look paired with the clear block heel is absolutely scrumptious. Raf Simons realy put his foot in this one. And they way this young lady has styled them is absolutely spectacular. This is something that goes perfectly with my current wardrobe. Now, if only I could fit my legs into some vinyl thigh high boots...

This dress is absolutely perfect. I love the length - that gray area that straddles between midi and maxi - and the flowy fabric and the front split. Bodycon pieces have been all the rage for several years now and I love how well it accentuates the shape but... a cozy, flowy number will always have the key to my heart. Because, truly, my comfort is a little bit more important than your ability to enjoy a nice view of my derriere. Nausheen Shah's fold-over clutch by Clare V is perfect and the strappy sandals by Sergio Rossi are the perfect accent. I haven't been brave enough to wear white fabric in years but this look definitely makes me want to try. Maybe I'll wear more whites this fall and winter and put everyone in a tizzy. (^_^)

I really enjoy how chic flats have become over the past years. I mean, I still don't own that many pairs but I love that cuter options are available now. Seeing all the street style stars wearing their's have definitely provided me with a lot of outfit inspiration. BUT.. flats aren't the reason we are here today. Today, we are here to lust at Giovanna Battaglia's divine back-tie CĂ©line sweaterdress. Let's all just take a moment. "Cozy and Sensual" is an aesthetic I will always admire.

Just look at this Mary Katrantzou coat and let all your worries, fears, and sadness fade away. This is example of why everyone needs expertly tailored black pieces and ankle strap platform sandals because you have to be ever-ready when a beautifully crafted coat like this comes into existence. Vests and the ability to layer pieces is one of my favorite things about the fall and winter seasons. Its a great time to experiment with shapes and textures and I think this look is a great reminder to always have a little bit of fun during these seasons.

This is my quintessential fall look. Leather, flannel, and denim. I just love this picture because I feel like it could have easily been me: purse-free with my iPhone in hand.
I'm never going out of style.


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