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Lupita Nyong’o for Rhapsody Magazine

Publication:United Airline’s Rhapsody Magazine December 2015 Model: Lupita Nyong’o Photography: Yu Tsai Styling: Micaela Erlanger Hair: Larry Sims Beauty: Nick Barose


After passing this 2-3 times while running errands around my job, I finally ventured over to Sugar for happy hour last week! This little gem, filled with white chairs, wood accents, swings and karaoke, opened in November 2015. The staff and bartenders are extremely friendly, jovial, and attentive. I made a whole crew of new friends in short period of time! The menu is pretty light - just salads, sandwiches, and deserts. I had the bresaola sandwich and the cheesecake and, while the cheesecake wasn't anything to write home about, the sandwich was divine! But, this was also my first time having bresaola so I may have a slight bias.

Lupita Nyong’o for Elle UK

Publication: Elle UK Magazine January 2016 Model: Lupita Nyong’o Photography: Kai Z Feng Styling: Anne-Marie Curtis

Amilna Estevão for Numéro #169


I Think I Might Love ColourPop...

THE SWATCHES! How lovely is it to see lip color swatches on varying skin tones in order to help you see if the color will work for your complexion?! I appreciate their efforts in transparency and informed decision making.

5 Things I Learned On My First Cruise

I spend 6 days floating and porting through the western Caribbean on this lovely ship, called the Getaway. Now, I will admit, while I was enthused for this first trip out of the country I was extremely leery of the idea of living at sea for such a long period of time. Will I get seasick? Would I get bored? What if my roommate and I have a disagreement? Will the food be good? Will everything have pork or shellfish in it? Will my allergies be going crazy? Will there be a lot of loud children? Do I have enough books to keep me occupied? Will they play trap music? Will there be cute men on board? Will this be the beginning of a whimsical fairy tale romance?

To answer all my our questions: No. No. No. YES. No. No. YES. I barely read any of the three I brought on. No (but I heard Meek Mill was heard streaming from a club one night). No. and .. *sobs in Jane Austen novel* ...No.

I ended up really enjoying the trip and officially down to attend any and every cruise (invite me places! i'm …