I Think I Might Love ColourPop...

How lovely is it to see lip color swatches on varying skin tones in order to help you see if the color will work for your complexion?! I appreciate their efforts in transparency and informed decision making.

I've never been a a big beauty aficionado but, in recent years, the #NoBareLips30 Movement (read this lovely write up on MadameNoire about this project!) has inspired me to experiment with varying lip colors. Do I still mostly wear matte nudes? Yes BUT... at least I have vampy purples, classic reds, and a berry color or three in the event I want to jazz it up a bit. That counts for something.

Over the past 2 years, I've seen rave reviews about up-and-coming brand called ColourPop. The brand's trademark ultra matte lip colors are growing to become pretty legendary at this point. For example, ColourPop has been selling the 3 colors included in the now-sold-out Kylie Lip Kit for a while now (not sure if you call it a dupe if it was around first). Another great thing about them is that price points making their brand accessible to almost everyone ($5-6 for liners and lip color). Just to be transparent, I have yet to own any of their colors. Everything about what they're doing is just very exciting to me so I figured I'd spread the wealth.

Now, excuse me as I stare down the 9 lippies in my shopping cart that that are daring me to defy my spending budget.


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