After passing this 2-3 times while running errands around my job, I finally ventured over to Sugar for happy hour last week! This little gem, filled with white chairs, wood accents, swings and karaoke, opened in November 2015. The staff and bartenders are extremely friendly, jovial, and attentive. I made a whole crew of new friends in short period of time! The menu is pretty light - just salads, sandwiches, and deserts. I had the bresaola sandwich and the cheesecake and, while the cheesecake wasn't anything to write home about, the sandwich was divine! But, this was also my first time having bresaola so I may have a slight bias.

The drinks are where the magic happens. I've never been a fan of sweet or fruity drinks - the sweetness is deceiving and you end up gulping them back and wake up the next morning trying to piece together poor decisions - but don't let the ingredients fool you. They have some how managed to find the perfect balance of flavorful and strong and it is absolute perfection.

So if you're ever around Foggy Bottom or Farragut, you should definitely hit up Sugar for a light lunch or an intimate happy hour. An exciting and fun-filled time is guaranteed to occur.


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