i love a good paint class

...so much so that I took two classes in one week. lol. 

The ArtJamz class I took was an interesting experience. Instead of the usual instructor-led experience, they allowed us to chose our own pictures from an onsite catalog - or just make something up - and the "instructor" just walked around and helped us design and create our vision. It was a little frightening at first but I ended up really loving it! The picture I chose to recreate was Keith Haring's 'Pop Shop III See No Evil' (1989).

My friend Orpa hosted a paint night and I just HAD to attend (if you're privileged enough to be her IG friend on Instagram then you have seen how amazing her work is - I mean, she even painted me one time). Clearly, still life portraits aren't my forte but... now I know what I have to work on! Give me a couple more months and paint sessions and I will wow you really good. I had an awesome, awesome experience and I can't wait to do it again!

Next up? Contemplating this Mardi Gras mask class next week. Might make this a once a month thing :)


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