Orlando Fun

I took a whirlwind trip to Orlando, Fl last weekend to celebrate the 30th birthday of a dear friend. Being back home in Florida (even if I'm not in my city) is really always a blessing and loved being able to catch up with girlfriends. Ladies Trips are always so invigorating. We started the trip by enjoying the scenic views of downtown Orlando, drinks, and great music at One80 Skytop Lounge

The next day was spent at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. I hadn't been since high school and it was amazing just how big the park has grown since then. Space Mountain was the first roller-coaster I ever rode and it absolutely frightened me. Twenty years later, I still had to keep my eye closed the entire ride. Some things never change. lol.

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My last day in Orlando was half-beach day and half birthday dinner. After spending the morning in scripture and relaying testimonies, we drove over to Daytona Beach and spent the afternoon sunbathing, playing in the water, and eating greasy beach burgers. An absolutely spectacular way to rest and spend the Sabbath. 

The Orlando Eye is a 400ft ferris wheel in Downtown Orlando that gives riders breathtaking views of the city.
You have to check it out!
We ended the day with a delicious dinner (that turned into a glo party) at Cuba Libre. After the great time we had at the restaurant, I'm ashamed of the lack of attention I have been giving my local Cuba Libre. It's definitely an amazing place!

 Quick trip but definitely a great time.


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