Passport Destination: CAPE TOWN

A few weeks ago, I attended this awesome exhibition showcase by MK of Mk Americana. The exhibit was a mixture of photography, videography, and explorative app which afforded the visitor to ability to experience the rich life, fashion, and architecture of Cape Town, South Africa. 

One cool thing about the exhibit was the implementation of video technology in various formations. A mini documentary looped on a wall showing vignettes of life in Cape Town while a DJ played melodic indie jazz and hip-hop tunes. Using the Aurasma app, visitors could turn each photograph into a mini video on their devices. Just center your camera on the picture and a quick 10-second clip video shows up on your phone, giving you an opportunity to better experience the picture. Near the end, we saw a documentary of various designers and store owners in Cape Town, speaking to their products and brand inspiration. Through all these different avenues, Mk curated a really innovative and engaging way to tell the story of the Cape Town.

Another dope part of the exhibition show were these cool gallery tables/benches created from wood and copper by Sarah. I love the rustic feel! I need a house so my house can need this.

Mk (center bottom) surrounded by friends.

Now, I will admit - I've never really been quit interested in South Africa. Despite hearing good things about Cape Town and Johannesburg, I've always just been a bit meh. After attending this show, Cape Town is definitely on my to-do list. I need to see this vibrancy for myself.


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