Milly Keurna for Jute Magazine

photographer: Amelie Chiasson
stylist: Melissa Moranelli
prop stylist: Pierce Atkinson
makeup: Patrizia Mancini
model: Milly @ Dulcedo Models

22 juillet 2016

 // Highlights of my Week

Quick day trip to Philly to spend time with some incredible humans and celebrate 30 years of life. We stopped by Jones Restaurant for brunch and I was mightily, mightily, mightily impressed. On top of the delicious food, their bottomless brunch consists of bottles of champagne complimented with mason jars of peach nectar, strawberry nectar, and orange juice. It was a DIY dream! Also, their ALT sandwich - avocado, lettuce, tomato and mozzarella on multi-grain toast with lemon aioli - is my new obsession. I want it every day. Why don't I live in Philly?


I rediscovered my favorite tea earlier this week. I know chamomile is supposed to be a bedtime tea but something about it is very comforting and soothing to me. Chamomile tea just makes the worries of the world melt away; I can drink it any time of the day! Celestial's honey vanilla chamomile blend is my favorite variant of the tea by far. And I have a sneaky suspicion that it would make a fairly awesome iced tea or ice tea/lemonade drink. Too bad I'm lazy in the kitchen :/


Also, I've been on a rosé kick for these past couple of weeks. It all started when I discovered Ruby Red Rosé Wine a month ago (and also bought all bottles from my local grocer and they have yet to restock so life is pretty stressful right now). Rosé had all the flavor and fullness of the red wines I love so much but with a lighter tone. To me, they're the perfect compliment to hot summer days. Hence, I was pretty ecstatic to find that Mango Tree had rosé included on their happy hour menu. And then even more ecstatic to find out that their summer happy hour times are 4p to close. Because who doesn't love unlimited access to rosé and pineapple fried rice all night loooooooong?!


Philly, Philly, Philly... Can't You See...

I've been to Philly several times in the past but it's been to mostly visit family so I don't think I've ever taken advantage of the tourist attractions. While driving through Philly on the way back to DC from New Jersey, my siblings and I decided to make a quick pit stop at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to view the 'Creative Africa' exhibit. Boy, was it totally worth it. If I posted all the pictures, this blog post would be never ending so I'll just highlight a few of my favorite experiences. If you are in the Philadelphia area, you should definitely check out this exhibition. It will be in the Pearlman Building of PMOA until September 25, 2016.

Robert Indiana’s monumental sculpture AMOR (1998) is on the Museum’s East Terrace. The colorful, six-foot-high sculpture overlooks the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. It stands at one end of the Parkway, facing Indiana’s LOVE sculpture at JFK Plaza at the other end.