When Happy Hour Turns Into Jazz Night

One of my favorite things about living in a major metropolitan area is the ease of access to so many culturally enhancing experiences. The ease of which my life switched from mango sticky rice and wine while catching up with a friend to not one but TWO live jazz shows still absolutely stuns me.

While the District seems to get on my nerves more often than not, for the one small window on a random warm summer Wednesday night, the city really did happen to get it right.

The mango sticky rice was delicious and light. I'm sure this is the way deserts are meant to be but I really wanted to be gluttonous for a spell as the dish is one of my favorite deserts! Also, I discovered that the reason I love their house rosé is because it's Malbec & Syrah - my two favorite wines - blend. Way to win me over, Mango Tree!! 

Alice's Jazz and Cultural Center is this amazing space of blackness and black history and black music and black love and black culture that is so empowering and moving. You kind of just have to go there and experience all the beautiful goodness.

11 août 2016

This past week was an eventful one. Heavy work days followed by flight to Orlando followed by road trip to Nashville for friendship reunion (aka wedding) followed by a road trip back to Orlando and an an early morning flight back to DC and straight to work.

Who do I think I am?


Keke's is a must for an and every Orlando-based adventure you go on. I'm a big fan of their stuffed french toast because it's more like a delicious french toast sandwich where one slice of bread has cream cheese and the other has fresh fruit preserves. Doesn't that sound magically?

This time around, I ordered the raspberry stuffed french toast with a side of turkey bacon.

It was the love that revived and restored my soul.


Rihanna for W Magazine, Sept 2016

Another Day, Another Slay.
Rihanna - photographed by Steven Klein and styled by Edward Enninful - just killed the cover editorial for the September 2016 issue. How is she this magical every... single.. time??! WHEW!

Cartier tiara, earrings, and necklace; Rihanna’s own cuff earring and chain necklace (throughout). Hair by Yusef for Leonor Greyl Hair Care at Factory Downtown; makeup and tattoos by Pat McGrath Labs; manicures by Maria Salandra for Chanel at Fr8me.com. Set design by Stefan Beckman at Exposure NY.

Rihanna wears a Gareth Pugh coat and headpiece; Bordelle bra, harness, and briefs; Mugler Archive arm piece; Lynn Ban rings (right hand, throughout); Manolo Blahnik boots. On models, from left (throughout): Craig Green trousers; Chrishabana mouthpiece; Patrick Ian Hartley collar; Una Burke Leather arm brace. Hood by Air pants; Ben-Amun by Isaac Manevitz necklaces; model’s own sunglasses and ring. Hood by Air shorts; Falconiere mask; (from top) Jennifer Fisher necklace, Chrome Hearts necklace; Rob Goodwin shoulder harness; Una Burke Leather arm brace. Rothco boots (on all models).

1 août 2016

One week into challenging myself to post weekly, I forget to post.
Like, I just...

I'm going to get it together soon enough.
But, now let's get back to our regularly scheduled program.

Ris DC is now offering a delightful new spin on brunch called the 'Popsicle Mimosa'. Its glasses of champagne with 100%  fruit juice popsicles inside. As the popsicles melt, you get a mimosa experience. Or just keep drinking the champagne and be the Lush you always knew you were. I attended their first offering (you can check out their Facebook page for future dates) on July 24th and had the Ginger Orange Pineapple popsicle for my mimosas. It was so delicious!

The biscuits were sooo amazing - they practically melted in my mouth. I couldn't get enough! I will, honestly, say that I did struggle with the menu because I don't eat pork or shellfish and they didn't really offer any traditional breakfast dishes. Because there was pork or shellfish in nearly everything, the only things on the menu I could eat were either heuvos rancheros (they can take off the bacon bits), smoked salmon bagel, cheeseburger, or steak & fries. Hopefully, they update their menu and more traditional breakfast foods (i.e. french toast), pork alternatives (i.e. chicken sausage, turkey bacon, Morningstar Farms sausage patties, etc), and more vegetarian friendly dishes (i.e. ALT sandwich). I'm definitely going to check them out again in a few weeks!