11 août 2016

This past week was an eventful one. Heavy work days followed by flight to Orlando followed by road trip to Nashville for friendship reunion (aka wedding) followed by a road trip back to Orlando and an an early morning flight back to DC and straight to work.

Who do I think I am?


Keke's is a must for an and every Orlando-based adventure you go on. I'm a big fan of their stuffed french toast because it's more like a delicious french toast sandwich where one slice of bread has cream cheese and the other has fresh fruit preserves. Doesn't that sound magically?

This time around, I ordered the raspberry stuffed french toast with a side of turkey bacon.

It was the love that revived and restored my soul.


This week's wine recommendation is the Kenwood Vineyard Pinot Noir 2012. Pinot Noir was the second wine I have ever loved (Malbec, the first) but I've pretty much ignored it in favor of Malbec, Shiraz, and Gamay. But, this past weekend my faith was restored in Pinot Noir when I had Kenwood's robust offering. The slight blackberry and cherry undertones of the wine took it to the next level. I really don't recall having a Pinot Noir that was ever this good! 

10/10 - Highly Recommend.


The sunset ceremony. The sparkling bridesmaid gowns. The groomsmen in their perfectly tailored tuxes. The florals arrangements. The ceiling to floor windows and views of the majestic Cumberland River and the Cumberland River Bridge. The French vows. The Hype Men. The delicious food and cupcakes. The wasabi honey mustard sauce on salmon and the perfectly steamed and crisp green beans. The Kenwood Pinot Noir. The laughter, sing-a-longs, and smiles. Everything was magical! Thanks for sharing your love with us Duana and Reg!

Y'all go check out the #MeetTheElois hashtag on your social media so you can get your life.


We clean up fairly well, don't you think?


...because murals make the best backdrops.


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