When Happy Hour Turns Into Jazz Night

One of my favorite things about living in a major metropolitan area is the ease of access to so many culturally enhancing experiences. The ease of which my life switched from mango sticky rice and wine while catching up with a friend to not one but TWO live jazz shows still absolutely stuns me.

While the District seems to get on my nerves more often than not, for the one small window on a random warm summer Wednesday night, the city really did happen to get it right.

The mango sticky rice was delicious and light. I'm sure this is the way deserts are meant to be but I really wanted to be gluttonous for a spell as the dish is one of my favorite deserts! Also, I discovered that the reason I love their house rosé is because it's Malbec & Syrah - my two favorite wines - blend. Way to win me over, Mango Tree!! 

Alice's Jazz and Cultural Center is this amazing space of blackness and black history and black music and black love and black culture that is so empowering and moving. You kind of just have to go there and experience all the beautiful goodness.

Next Stop:

Jojo's Restaurant and Bar was such an awesome experience. It felt like I had walked into the secret "musician's favorite musicians" spot. A small intimate eatery with dim lights and warm ambiance. Everyone knew everyone and I felt like I had walked into the best family reunion. The food was amazing and the music was phenomenal and the band was impromptu.

Great Music.
Great Vibes.
Great People.
That's what life is all about.


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