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Read My Lips || GLAMOUR November 2016

Photography: Bjorn Iooss  Models: Mical Bockru, Teddy Quinlivan, Alanna Arrington & Natalie Ludwig  Styling: Paul Cavaco  Hair: David von Cannon  Make-Up: Dick Page Nails: Gina Viviano

31 octobre 2016

As, I'm sure most of us do, I always get more reflective near the end of the year. Earlier this month, I was inspired to take a fast in the month of November as a means of mentally, physically, and spiritually preparing for 2017. As my birthday is also near the end of year, I wanted to also use the fast to reflect on and assess this 31st year of life. The last few times I attempted to fast, I ended up falling off within a matter of days so I'm really hoping and praying I can keep it together this time around. I'm praying my decision to become pescatarian in September has helped to improve my discipline a bit so I'll be able to stick it through. Time, surely, will tell.


One thing I really wanted this year was romantic love. After years of dealing with the blowout from an emotionally abusive relationship, I finally do feel as if I am in a space where I am ready to love and be loved in return. While the plan didn't come to fruition as I had hoped, I do feel more …