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12 janvier 2017

I don't have anything poignant to say but I really love how these selfies came out so here we are. 

I'm spending this upcoming weekend in Deep Creek, MD relaxing and reconnecting with friends. Next week I head off to Havana, Cuba for exploration and cultural enrichment.

I've been drinking water, eating fresh fruit, and minding my business. My waistline is getting smaller and my Panda Planner has forced me to be more intentional in regards to gratitude, productivity, affirmations, and celebrating myself daily. I feel more at peace now that I have been able to own up to my insecurities and struggles. There is a brightness and hopefulness that is keeping me afloat and I adore it.

I hope Week 2 of 2017 has been kind to you!

SOLANGE by BEYONCÉ for Interview Magazine

"It was very intentional that I sang as a woman who was very in control, a woman who could have this conversation without yelling and screaming, because I still often feel that when black women try to have these conversations, we are not portrayed as in control, emotionally intact women, capable of having the hard conversations without losing that control."

"...our relationship, by the grace of God, is the one thing that I can count on to be intact and to be solid. When I go out in the world, I know that when I come home, I'm going to find peace with him."

"It was one thing to make the record and have those reservations; it was another to finish it and actually share it. I just feel so much joy and gratitude that people have connected to it in this way. The biggest reward that I could ever get is seeing women, especially black women, talk about what this album has done, the solace it has given them."

Read Solange's full …

Amel Larrieux at the Howard Theatre

xo, jana-lynn

Brunch at Cava Mezze

I've been hearing people rave about the Cava Mezze and the one-cent mimosas for months years and finally got around to going in November 2016. The restaurant hosts a $35 All You Can Eat Brunch filled with a delicious assortment of small plates! Also, for the record, I just checked the website and the mimosas have now went up to 25¢. Given how popular the restaurant is and how good the food is, I'm not surprised (brunch was also $30 when I went). Regardless of the price increase, 25¢ is still a steal and may be in the running for the best $1-$2 spent!

All the menu items are on small plates and you basically get to order whatever you like. I was feeling a bit gluttonous that day and ended up with five items (Gyro Hash, Spicy Lamb Benedict, Banana Fritters, Chicken Sage Sausage, and a delicious Granola, Yogurt, and Fresh Berries that is no longer on the menu) in addition to the mimosas. Everything was well-cooked, flavorful, and brought to our table in a short amount of time. It…

5 janvier 2017

About 2-3 years ago, I was listening to a sermon series relationships and the pastor recommended a book entitled Safe PeopleThe book focuses on identifying and building healthy relationships, from a Christ-centered perspective. While I thoroughly enjoyed the sermon series and thought the topic of the book was interesting, I wasn't up to reading the book at the time. I added it to my Amazon shopping cart so I could remember it and kept it moving. After staring me down for years, I bought the book about 6 months ago and put it on my bookshelf. This past November, I decided to fast as a means of preparing for the new year and picked up the book during my break from social media.

Listen. The book had me in shambles.

It brought to the forefront a lot of things that I had buried and didn't even realize that I was struggling with. The thing is that I have been hurt a lot in life. And while I thought I had dealt with it, this book helped me realize I was reacting to pain, never pro…