Brunch at Cava Mezze

I've been hearing people rave about the Cava Mezze and the one-cent mimosas for months years and finally got around to going in November 2016. The restaurant hosts a $35 All You Can Eat Brunch filled with a delicious assortment of small plates! Also, for the record, I just checked the website and the mimosas have now went up to 25¢. Given how popular the restaurant is and how good the food is, I'm not surprised (brunch was also $30 when I went). Regardless of the price increase, 25¢ is still a steal and may be in the running for the best $1-$2 spent!

Challah French Toast

Gyro Hash + Fried Egg, Banana Fritters, Chicken Sage Sausage

Granola, Berries, and Greek Yogurt

Spicy Lamb Benedict
All the menu items are on small plates and you basically get to order whatever you like. I was feeling a bit gluttonous that day and ended up with five items (Gyro Hash, Spicy Lamb Benedict, Banana Fritters, Chicken Sage Sausage, and a delicious Granola, Yogurt, and Fresh Berries that is no longer on the menu) in addition to the mimosas. Everything was well-cooked, flavorful, and brought to our table in a short amount of time. It was definitely one of my favorite and most memorable brunch experiences. 

There are five Cava Mezze restaurants located across the Maryland, DC, and Virginia metropolitan areas so definitely visit sooner, than later, if you can.

Also, does anyone know who these three guys are? I feel like I should know them.  LOL.


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