Snapshots from Cuba

I spent a week there and still feel like it was not enough time. We had Airbnbs in Miramar and Vedado and took day trips to Viñales and Playa Santa Maria. There is still so much for me to see in Habana, let alone the other cultural hubs of Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Veradaro, and more. I'm already planning my trip back! 

We visited museums, monuments, and restaurants in Centro Habana. Photographed the cathedrals in the Plazas in Vieja Habana then had dinner, drinks, and churros on Mercaderes. We saw some of the most beautiful artistry and souvenirs at the San Jose Craft Market in the harbor of Vieja Habana.

I went horseback riding and smoked my first cigar in Viñales. Visited a cave covered in carvings, pictograms, and relics left by the Guanajatabey Amerindians. Rode in enough classic cars to last me a lifetime. Vibed to live Afro-Cuban bands while watching strangers becoming friends over dancing & Ron Havana Club in Callejón de Hamel. Ate pizza and watched playoff NFL games at Hotel Nacional then drank [bitter] rum and danced to reggaeton until three in the morning.

I feel like it was so much and yet not enough. There is a lightness, gentleness, and freedom all over the streets of Cuba. This country is absolutely beautiful, black, and sacred.

Check out my Instagram for more pictures and detailed descriptions of all my adventures. For those who plan on traveling to Cuba, I am open to answering a few questions. The best advice I can give you is to figure out why you want to go to Cuba and plan your itinerary from there. I will warn you, it will take a bit of work and effort to plan your trip there. Given the sparse wifi and language differences, Cuba is not really a place you can do things off the cuff. And, with that being said, I'd like to announce to you that I am now offering travel planning services. Email me for details!