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An Anecdote on Black Girl Beauty

I had a really interesting, albeit random, experience at a party a few weeks ago.

As I was walking to the bar, this woman grabs my shoulder, turns me around, and squeals "Oh my goodness! You're gorgeous!". I'm a little taken aback by the outburst but I smile, tell her thank you and go to turn back around and grab the bartender's attention. She stops me again.

"I saw you walking out the bathroom earlier and was taken aback. You're really pretty and... you kind of look like me. Looking at you made me think maybe I could be pretty too.."

I stood there frozen. In front of me stood a woman with toasted almond skin, jet black hair that was styled in bouncing curls that danced around her clavicles, and sparkles of light and warm charisma behind her big brown eyes. How did she not see her pretty?

Moments like this make me wish I were a more quick witted individual because I'm sure my silence extended over into awkwardness. But, truthfully, I really di…

Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs

One thing I've always aspired is a a carefully curated closet. The older I get, the more particular I become in regards to what I wear, how I style myself, and what brands I invest my coin in. Also, I'm really just tired of the laundry.

I've found myself listening to the Myleik Teele's MyTaughtMe podcasts and have been greatly inspired by her discussions of money management, savings, and the importance of cost-per-wear. There is a certain wisdom to investing in higher quality pieces that offer true longevity (albeit them being more expensive) pieces instead constantly purchasing lower end/lower quality items over and over and over again. These lower quality pieces that constantly need to be re-purchased - or a barely worn because the low costs equates to low value - will, slowly but surely, bite a bigger portion of your wallet than it initially seemed. Just get a pair the Nike Tech Fleece sweats instead of 6 pairs of Old Navy and Target sweats bought on sale and bare…

A Velvet Crush

A major force during the fall and winter months, velvet is still a force to be reckoned with given that the 90s revival is still in a major bloom. With plaid, grunge, chokers, and platforms making waves on the runway and in the streets, velvet will stick to them them and be a big ticket item this spring and summer. Whether it’s a jumpsuit, wide-legged tailored pants, maxi dress, midi skirt, or booties, make sure they’re made of velvet to add a splash of opulence to your wardrobe. Feel free to pair your velvet pieces with denim, satin, pleated, leather, feather, or fur pieces for a more dynamic and statement-making look!

A Velvet Shopping List
ClothingALC Cropped Wide-leg Velvet Trousers - $525.00ASOS Cami Wideleg Jumpsuit - $58.00ASOS Wrap Front Belted Jumpsuit in Velvet - $53.00Attico Caterina Velvet Trousers (in mustard) - $1000.00BooHoo Niamh Velvet Wrap & Tie Detail Maxi Dress - $31.00BooHoo Pamela Deep Plunge Crushed Velvet Playsuit - $16.00BooHoo Velvet Tunic - $25.00BooHoo V…

Rihanna for Paper Magazine, March 2017

Stylists: Farren Fucci at Wilhelmina and Shannon Stokes
Hair: Yusef at Factory Downtown
Makeup: Isamaya Ffrench at Streeters using Tom Ford Beauty Makeup
Photo Assistants: Butch Hogan and David Morett
Digital Tech: Joseph Borduin
Hair Assistant: Naphia at Factory Downtown
Makeup Assistants: Angela Christodoulou and Fatimot Isadare
Nails: Maria Salandra at Vision Nation Artists
Postproduction: Justine Foord at Silhouette Studio
Stylist Team: The Fashion Mansion Group, Lade, Karissa Mitchell, Kali Mackay, Jade Mayo, Devon Milan, Neha Shaki, Brittany Hall Extras: Duckie Thot, Mallory Merk, Poster Boy
Location: Alphabet City Deli & Grill, 54 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009

Senait Gidey by JD Barnes

One of my personal reservations concerning highlighting and contouring dark skin is that tutorials often call for us to wear makeup that is often 3-4 shades lighter and then manually add back deeper tones to create the effect. I love my complexion and love when the color of my face matches the rest of my body!!
That being said, I especially love these shots of Senait Gidey by JD Barnes. Her skin tone is even and the glow is magnificent. Thank you Beau Derrick for properly accentuating her beauty!

xo, jana-lynn