Atlanta's Negril Village

While visiting family and celebrating love this past weekend in Atlanta, I stopped by Negril Village - the southern offshoot of the popular Jamaican-fusion restaurant based in New York City. While their menu is mostly an ode to Jamaica, I found subtle nods to other Caribbean countries, such as the roti commonly found in Trinidad and Guyana and the tostones commonly found in Cuba and Haiti. I was pretty much sold when I found Prestige, a staple Haitian beer, on the menu.

The curry used in the curry goat is one of the best I had in a while. This is the second curry meal I had in Atlanta over the weekend and the city seems to know their curry well. The options were definitely better than what can be found in DC! Perfectly flavored with the perfect amount of spice, it reminded me of what I grew up eating in South Florida. Salute to whoever's Trini aunt is throwing down in the back! I will say, I was saddened my roti did not come wrapped but I guess non-Caribbeans could be bothered by the bones so I acquiesce. Either way, the restaurant should make note of that nuance on their menu or have servers remind patrons.

The tostones were thinner than how Haitians and Cubans commonly make them but they were crisp and delicious nonetheless. I.. don't know what that green sauce was but it tasted like mayonnaise. I'm not familiar with mayo on fried plantain so I just dusted my tostones with salt and had my way.

My cousins tasted many of the oxtail options available on the menu - Oxtail Empanadas (pictured above), Oxtail Pasta, and Negril's Oxtails (which came with rice & peas, cabbage, and sweet plantain). My tiredness from the day didn't allow me to sample their drink menu but I have heard rave reviews. I'll definitely will have to visit again next time I'm in the city!


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