White Boots Are Still On Trend in 2017

A lot of our favorite Fashion Editors and Style Influencers have been wearing white boots this past year and it doesn't seem like this trend is slowing down anytime soon. I first noticed it earlier this year at the Fall-Winter Fashion Shows and prayed they'd quietly disappear but.. here we are in September and, nevertheless, they persist.

While I don't quite understand it, I can admittedly appreciate the cleanliness that they bring to a look. They create a very strong and bold pop, which most people crave when it comes to accessorizing.

If I were ever to try the trend, I'd definitely opt for a more ruddy white boot (like the Marc Jacobs Women's Ryder Lace-Up Leather Booties Lily Alderidge wears above) as opposed to the more pristine white look which seems to be more preferred. Or maybe a patent gray, like the Christian Dior Grey Patent Calfskin booties Shiona Turini wears so effortlessly below.

But don't sleep on Shiona; she slays the white boot as well!

While I can't suggest which way to go with this trend, I can suggest you take it to God, the Creator, the Universe, R'hllor, the Lord of Light, the Old Gods, the Seven, or whatever higher power you believe in - in earnest prayer. Let he, she, or them guide you.


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