01 18 - Leopard and Pleat Looks

When I first started blogging and documenting my style, I was my own photographer. Equipped with a self-timer and a stack of old shoe boxes, I'd prop my phone and go about with my mini photoshoot against the brick background and blue floors of my balcony. After about two years in my apartment, I moved and, unfortunately, my new space didn't have any photographable spots. Between my lack of tripod and a car to scout locations to shoot, my documenting quickly became a thing of the past.

In the years since I have stopped, the practice of documenting style has exponentially grown to become a digital niche. Most bloggers employ (and/or are espoused to) a photographer and they work together to meticulously curate editorial works for their blogs and social channels. It's not just an outfit; it's a whole entire mood. Clothes are just a medium to capture the aesthetics of their personal brand. Tasha? Washingtonian with muted aesthetics that explores more of the artistry and storytelling of fashion. Layllah? Black, white, and nude with the occasional pop of color. Kyrzayda? Latest trends shot in coffee shops and on the streets of NYC. Blair? Sunglasses and bold monochrome or bold prints. Paola? Head wraps and bold colors and jewelry.

Their hard work and intentionality has seeming to pay off - we are now living in a time when many are eschewing the typical 9-5 to work as Influencers, becoming creative directors of their websites and leading their talents to larger brands through partnerships and ambassadorships. It's a more than a hobby; it really has turned into a full lifestyle.

So, then, there is me. The girl who just wants interesting and dynamic pictures of her outfits. While working with photographers sounds exciting, I really don't have the time/funds to set aside for it. Also, I'm sure my poses suck because I haven't had to be in front of the camera in ages so I don't want to waste anyone else's time. I vowed that I would update the blog weekly this year (while mentally exhausted by the idea of 52 posts, this post is currently my THIRD of the year and we are in week three so.... toot, toot!) and outfit updates are definitely going to be part of the rotation. I just have to figure out the logistics. Its important to me that my visuals represent me and not what everyone else is doing.

I say all of this to say one thing:

If you are seeing pictures, I've woken up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday to bring you these visuals so... you better like and affirm, okay?! Okay.


Coat: Forever21 (sold out by similar here, here, and here)
Dress: BooHoo
Bag: H&M (old but similar styles can be found here and here)
Lighting: God
Camera: iPhoneX

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