Brunch at the Bayou Bakery

I found the loveliest brunch spot in Alexandria, VA and it makes my heart soar!

The Bayou Bakery is a New Orleans restaurant by celebrity chef and cookbook author David Guas. The Louisiana-native created an intimate and personal space that served many of the favorite dishes from the culture, including fresh beignets, deviled eggs, pimento grilled cheese and bourbon milk punch. Everything on the menu looked scrumptious and I ended up ordering about half of it.

It was absolutely worth it.

The restaurant is more casual than most other DC-area brunch spots and the atmosphere feels extremely pleasant and familiar. There are no hostesses or waiters; you have to scout for a table, seat yourself, and order at the counter. There are couches, booths, small tables, and a cozy little patio. Fully decorated with window shutters, Mardi Gras beads, second-line umbrellas, and nods to the sports teams of the state, the aesthetics subtly transport you back to  the slow ease of the bayou. The ambiance encourages conversation and stillness, and I really loved that about the space.

Because you order and pay as you go at the counter, I'd suggest cash if only to avoid the annoyance of multiple swipes. There are no brunch deals or bottomless mimosa but you can get 3 delicious and fresh beignets for $3.The deviled eggs and biscuit sandwiches were my absolute favorite on the menu and I plan to go back just for that!



  1. This looks AMAZING! When i'm in the area i will definitely give it a whirl!