Wear Your Established Closet More in 2018

Due to the explosion of social media and the increased accessibility to fast fashion in the past decade, our relationship with clothing has greatly changed. As clothing and fashion accessories are priced much cheaper, we're easily suckered into a constant stream of shiny new things. If we post an outfit to Instagram or Facebook, we feel as if we can never wear it again because... God forbid it looks like we have actual utility and value for the pieces we purchase.

In my 20s, I was very performative with my fashion and had credit card debt and annoyed parents to prove it for many years. With time came expanded interests and I soon realized shopping was becoming quiet detrimental to all the other things I would rather spend my time and money on. I hated the consistent USPS runs to return items that were ill-fitting or that I just didn't want anymore and, after moving in with my siblings, I got tired of the "Jana gets packages every day" side-eyes.

Anyway, I've grown much since my first years of discovering H&M, Zara, and ASOS over a decade ago and so has my relationship with my clothes. In the past year, I've decided to cut back on shopping and go back to finding more utility in the pieces I own. I learned to identify my "emotional shopping" triggers, unsubscribed from emails, purged my closet of unused peaces, learned to be more mindful when making new purchases (i.e. what looks cool vs what i will actually wear many times over). This dress, purchased from ASOS in April 2015, is one of my favorite winter pieces. Despite being sleeveless, its made from a heavier wool fabric so it's warmer during the cooler months. Cheers to buying the right pieces and cultivating resourcefulness!

Dress: ASOS
Coat: ASOS
Bag: Dooney & Burke Pebble Grain Crossbody Satchel Shoulder Bag (Nordstrom Rack)
Titghts: Target (fleece-lined)
Shoes: Steve Madden


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