I Finally Tried Rent the Runway...

While I love celebrating marriages and supporting my friends and family in the process in any way possible, I really really hate purchasing clothes for weddings. I mean.. as a guest, its fine because you get to purchase whatever items fit your desire (and/or repurpose whatever you already own). But when you're in the bridal party? The dresses and shoes can get pricey and they're probably things you'll never wear again. I have far too many dresses that I will never wear again and can't be sold online; I'm over it.

For my cousin's wedding earlier this year, she opted to use Rent The Runway. The dresses were SUPER affordable (I paid $35 for this dress that I wore as a hostess!) and shipping and returning was so easy. The dress was supposed to be delivered the day before the wedding but it actually came in three days early. A shipping label was included so I just took off the dress after the wedding, put it back in the bag, and dropped it off at a local UPS.

I really enjoyed the fact that I don't have a useless dress taking up space in my closet.
All brides should consider this option! There are so many beautiful dresses and affordable price points. Its a win for everyone.


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